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When did Tennant Tuesday become tee Tuesday?

I don’t mind, but I miss David’s face exploding on my dash..

I wanna follow more people!

I like the following:
Doctor Who
The Beatles
Doctor Who
Cute Animals
David Tennant
David Tennant
Jennifer Lawrence
Doctor Who
Benedict Cumberbatch
The Hunger Games
John and Hank Green
Doctor Who

LET ME KNOW!!!! Peas!

Oh my Jesus! The decoy bride is on Netflix!

I found a little David Tennant on my living room floor :D

I found a little David Tennant on my living room floor :D

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Not enough David Tennant




Okay, this is the absolute best fan video I have EVER seen.

It’s called Tenth Doctor: The Musical
Join the Ninth Doctor as he watches the events that will happen in his next incarnation in this Musical dramatization of his adventures throughout time and space. 

I think I will have to always reblog this because it’s pure genius. I don’t think I have not laughed (or at least grinned very widely) any of the times I have seen it. 

This is an amazing video! :D I love it.

How this doesn’t have more notes is beyond me. This is amazing!

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David Tennant just fills me with so much sexual frustraion.

Jan 7

I’m quite loving all the David Tennant crotch on my dash.

Season 2

Army of Ghosts.

"this is the story of how I died"

Oh gaud. The tears. The tears!!!

Season two Episode 3

Tooth and Claw.

And thus we start the beginning of Torchwood and being able to see more of Captain Jack.
Thank you Queen Victoria :)