Doctor Who Ssn 1 Episode 4 “Aliens of London” with Christopher Eccleston.

"She can’t come with us. I don’t do families." - The Doctor


Doctor Who Ssn 5&6 with Matt Smith.

Companions: Amy Pond (Mother) Rory Williams (Father) River Song (Daughter)

… He changed his mind :D


The Whovian response to the final minutes of Closing Time


“I really like his hat”

Wait, what? What’s going on? Who’s looking at these pics?

It’s River Song! 

Evil Eye-Patch Lady shows up with the Silence in tow.

The soldiers come in with the astronaut costume and start holding down River.

“I made you who you are. The woman who kills the doctor.”

Realizing that the Silence is FORCING River to kill the Doctor.

Seeing her in the astronaut costume, suspended underwater.

After the episode ends.