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There’s so much Benedict on my dash

and nothing hurts

I wanna follow more people!

I like the following:
Doctor Who
The Beatles
Doctor Who
Cute Animals
David Tennant
David Tennant
Jennifer Lawrence
Doctor Who
Benedict Cumberbatch
The Hunger Games
John and Hank Green
Doctor Who

LET ME KNOW!!!! Peas!

Where can I watch Third Star?

I want to see it like yesterday!!!

When you can’t help but cry even though you KNOW that what you’re crying over isnt actually true, but you can’t help but be so depressed…

This is what Sherlock has done to me.

I’m a giant mess…

All cry-ie and junk.

Figured out how Sherlock is getting resolved.

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Maybe Moffat is saying “Holmes might not survive” because he is such a troll and he knows it. And after all of the Doctor Who things he’s tricked us on, he knows we wont believe him.

So he says Sherlock is gonna die. We all say no you’re a troll. And then Sherlock dies, and Moffat’s all like “I told you so.” 

Jan 2

I would like to use my Tumblr but I can’t….

I haven’t seen the Sherlock yet, cause I dont have tv and I can’t find it online, and my dash is FILLED with it…. D’:

I want to look so bad….

SO, if anyone knows where I can find it… please help…

aweesomee :D

aweesomee :D

This is my sexy post.

Oct 7


Mine and Beth’s favourite peoples. ;)